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Welcome to Borderless records.

Borderless Records is a label from Bergen, Norway.
We are borderless and do not care too much about genres, in fact we truly are borderless and will distribute music from anywhere and anybody as long as we think it is quality music!


If you want to buy our music as a download please go to Beatport or Google Music. Please login to our Youtube channel for free snippets. Our full catalogue is also available to stream on Spotify.

  • Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent

    Victor Hugo

  • Music can change the world because it can change people


Borderless Records is Fjordfunk!

Borderless Catalogue

This section can help you discover more music from our Borderless label. We will list all our releases here, and link to stores, streaming and listening options

  • 2017
  • BLR025 - 21 April

    Glenn Loopez - Bassline

    Hard and grimey track from Glenn Loopez with a lot of acid screams.

  • BLR024 - 14 April

    Glennebassen - My Winter Groove

    Banging new synths makes for banging new tracks. Glennebassen brings you a deep workout with his new synth and drum sounds.

  • BLR023 - 07 April

    Lenea - Over My Head

    Debut on Borderless from the energetic and eclectic singer-songwriter from Bamle, Norway is here. Over my head remixes are coming soon!

  • BLR022 - 15 February

    Glennebassen - Jazzy Funk

    Wild out fjordfunk vibes - a combo of jazzy keys, deep house beats and a heavy bassline.

  • BLR021 - 08 February

    Glenn Loopez - City Lights

    Glenn Loopez brings in the new year with a super funky soulful house track. Check out this track for some old proper house vibes.

  • 2016
  • BLR019 - 12 August

    Fjordfunk Orchestra - Inner Peace

    We picked a classic from the Fjordfunk vault to present you this time. If you need to chill out (and we know the world really should chill out) then this should suit your needs nicely.

  • BLR018 - 05 August

    Glenn Loopez - Fjordfunk EP 05

    A deeper darker side of Glenn Loopez gives us Fjordfunk EP 05.

  • BLR017 - 17 June

    DJ Prince - Samba Do Brazil

    Hot summer nights to dance away is easy with this latin tech bomb from Norwegian dj legend DJ Prince.

  • BLR016 - 10 June

    JT Panda - I Need To Know (The Remixes)

    A true moment from JT Panda, now this is the remixes.

  • BLR015 - 03 June

    JT Panda - I Need To Know

    A true moment from JT Panda. Great beats and an awesome vocal topping the massive bassline.

  • BLR014 - 27 May

    Fjordfunk Orchestra - Summer Funk

    Just relax and chill out. Don't worry, The Fjordfunk Orchestra still got a little bump in the umpf so you won't fall asleep. Summer vibes delight available now!

  • BLR013 - 20 May

    Glenn Loopez - I Lost Myself

    The first installment of the Fjordfunk EP's from Borderless is a 3 track EP by Norway's Glennebassen. Watch out for much more to come in the future from Borderless Records - Remember to follow us on your favorite music store!

  • BLR012 - 13 May

    Glennebassen - I Luv Ya

    Glennebassen got a feeling, and it is about you. Good classic house with elements of deep flavors to get you nodding your heard and stomping your feet on your next barbeque party.

  • BLR011 - 06 May

    Fjordfunk Orchestra - Fjordfunk EP 04

    A new kind of waves on the fjords of funk. Fjordfunk EP 04 offers a mix of trap, electronica and pop. Ready, stead - Show me!

  • BLR010 - 08 April

    JT Panda - Honey Dip

    You could for just a second believe you were listening to a 2016 version of flat beat. BUT only for a second ;) Once the groove kicks in everything pops. Work your body!

  • BLR009 - 01 April

    Glenn Loopez - Disco Weapon

    Glenn Loopez is going hard this winter! It's time to unveil his new disco weapon - pure energy for those dark basement clubs - now turn up the bass!!

  • BLR008 - 25 March

    JT Panda vs Robin E - Cream Guard

    Arctic house frontiers bringing their first collaboration out in the music land of Borderless.

  • BLR007 - 18 March

    Lax - Out Of My Control

    A nice little throwback to the disco and soulful house era, with just a twist of freshness. Also a banging remix from Glenn Loopez.

  • BLR006 - 11 March

    JT Panda - Horn Blower

    The Panda king of the arctic puts down his funkiest chords yet for this stomper of a house groove. You wanna groove, you gonna groove!

  • BLR005 - 04 March

    Glennebassen - Space People

    Borderless indeed, we go into space and meet the space people. Glennebassen lays down an ultra deep and spacey atmospheric track for your mind.

  • BLR004 - 26 February

    LaX - Fjordfunk EP 03

    LaX aka Loopez and Xerox is back with a new Fjordfunk EP. It's the 3rd installment in the series and this time we serve you some wonderful soulful vibes with huge inspiration from the 90s golden era of house music.

  • BLR003 - 19 February

    Glenn Loopez - Fjordfunk EP 02

    From island funk to fjord funk, Glenn Loopez serves up 2 very tasty house tracks for the 2nd Fjordfunk EP.

  • BLR 002 - 12 February

    JT Panda - Black Bag

    The winter panda is coming out of his hibernation. Soon JT Panda will see the sun again so we except more craziness soon. For now crank this up and enjoy this tech house number. Pure Arctic House!

  • BLR001 - 05 February

    Glennebassen - Fjordfunk EP 01

    The first installment of the Fjordfunk EP's from Borderless is a 3 track EP by Norway's Glennebassen. Watch out for much more to come in the future from Borderless Records - Remember to follow us on your favorite music store!

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